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Martins Wedin is Europe’s leading boutique property buying service specialising in the procurement and acquisition of luxury property, for a wide range of clientele. As an independent service provider, Martins Wedin offers impartial advice in line with the buyer’s personal and financial property ownership objectives.


Employing its own expert search resources and access to a personal contact network in key European areas for our clients, Martins Wedin sources property opportunities, in many cases, before they have come on the market.


Martins Wedin mainly cover the French Riviera (St. Tropez, Cannes, Mougins, Antibes, Cap Ferrat, Monaco), the Portuguese Riviera (Estoril, Cascais), Lisbon, London (the Greater London area) and Stockholm, but also source properties in other European areas on request.


Per Wedin and Sinda Martins head Martins Wedin and are proud to offer property buyers a personally tailored property acquisition service, strong negotiation skills and combined decades of professional experience. They are truly passionate about real estate and more importantly, truly passionate about fulfilling their client’s needs.


Martins Wedin is a dedicated, trustworthy and discrete property buying service, providing full support throughout the acquisition process and beyond.


Whether it be a dream home, a viable investment opportunity or building a property portfolio, buying property is always stressful, time consuming and carries significant personal and financial implications.


Martins Wedin act in the buyer’s best interests, thereby working to make sure that clients are able to purchase the best real estate, at the best price, in the best time.


Partnering with Martins Wedin is a sure way to help make the right decisions today, for the future.

Why Work With Us

There are many good reasons to be represented by Martins Wedin, here are just a few.

Bespoke service

As a boutique agency, you can be sure that we will fully cater to your individual needs. We take the time to get to know you and your specific personal or financial goals. We handle the whole search and negotiation process for you through to completion and beyond. We find the right property for you, at the best price, in the best time.

Value added

We are strong, experienced negotiators and will secure the best price for you. Buying property in a different country can be hazardous, there are many things that could potentially go wrong or be missed. We avoid those pitfalls by conducting specific and relevant checks on the properties we find. Our partner networks are carefully selected for their real estate expertise and local market knowledge. We guide you through the whole process removing the stress for you along the way. Our talent for spotting great investment opportunities is also something we are proud of and are able to put at your disposal.


The success of our property acquisition service depends on trust, discretion and reliability which we highly value. We provide impartial advice and always have your best interests in mind. That means that you can relax and be sure that we will be there every step of the way to guide you against the many potential pitfalls, that can come up during the property acquisition process.

Market knowledge

We have firsthand knowledge of each area we operate in. We are attuned to the different business aspects of the different cultures we deal with and how to adapt our negotiating strategy as required, in order to secure the right property for you.

Efficient process

Our property search process has been carefully developed to save you time and stress. Each property we recommend for your personal visit has been vetted by us and we have implemented several checkpoints along the way to ensure that no detail has been missed. We move swiftly to secure your chosen property and support you through to the change of ownership and beyond. You can really relax knowing that we are handling things for you.

Our Trusted Network Allows Us To Source Properties That Are Not Yet On The Market

How We Work

Our property buying service has been carefully designed to ensure that our client’s ownership objectives are fully met with the minimum stress, at the best price and in the quickest possible timeframe.

Here is a step by step guide to what you can expect when you work with us.

Initial Consultation

Each property search begins with a no-obligation initial consultation by phone, skype, or in person. This is our chance to really understand your property acquisition objectives and let you know how we can best help. We take note of your personal and financial requirements, budget and time constraints and are then able to decide on the best strategy to find your perfect property. We then create a bespoke plan of action, targeting specific property types in specific areas, making sure they match up to your stated requirements.

After elaborating a tailored action plan, the property search itself commences. We use all of our expertise, as well as our dedicated personal network of contacts, to source the most appropriate on and off-market opportunities that match up to your stated requirements. A list of potential candidate properties is created and after careful analysis of each property, we shortlist viable candidates. The properties on our short list have a high chance of matching up to your requirements, but we perform a further check by personally visiting each one and conducting a detailed property site visit. After our site visit we are able to hand-pick the final few properties which are most suited to your needs. At this point we also perform initial checks on the final property candidates to benchmark price levels and to identify any potential constraints on the purchase of the property.

Property Search

Property Visit

Only after we are entirely satisfied that the final candidate properties meet your full requirements, do we recommend and arrange a personal visit to the property with you. We enjoy hosting these visits as it is a great opportunity for us to get to know more of you and to show you around your chosen locations. A personal guided visit to the area will help clients get a real sense of what is like to purchase property there and obviously provides an added level of comfort to the buying decision.   

If you have decided to purchase a property that we have recommended, we then perform further due diligence on the chosen property and elaborate a comprehensive buying report. Our buying report includes full specifications and characteristics of the property, previous and current ownership details, market analysis, price points and future market valuation estimates. At this point, we are in a position to advise you to either proceed with the purchase, or to halt the process if we have identified factors related to the property that could be detrimental to your best interests.

Bespoke Buying Report

Property Negotiation and Purchase

If the property meets our set requirements and you decide to proceed with the purchase, we then act swiftly to secure the property. In different countries, there are different ways of formalising the purchase and we always act in accordance with the local legislation. In most cases, a contract is drawn up between the parties to ensure that each party’s position is clear at the outset. The negotiation process is different according to different cultures and what may work in one place, may not work in another. This where our close knowledge of each market we operate in, really comes as an advantage to our retained clients. We are able to adapt our negotiation approach accordingly and to be creative. We will negotiate arduously with the seller or their representatives, to ensure that you are seen in an advantageous position of “preferred” buyer. It is not always the case that the highest price offer secures the property. Our main goal is to secure the property quickly and at the best possible price for our buyer. In many cases, our negotiation expertise has translated into notable money savings for our client. We collaborate closely with the legal, financial and tax advisors involved in the purchase in order to streamline the purchasing process and to ensure it proceeds to completion in a smooth manner.

We care about each client. Our trusted relationship with our clients does not just end with the property purchase. As we are fully committed to fulfilling your individual needs, we are able to assist with many of the issues that come up after the purchase of a property, such as providing local quality introductions to removal

and renovation services, interior designers, art and antique dealers, financial and tax advisors and many other professionals that are part of our trusted network of service professionals.

After the Property Purchase

The Right Partner To Assist You With Your Property Acquisition Needs

Whether you are looking to purchase a desired family home, a sunny vacation getaway or to find an astute investment opportunity, we locate and obtain the most suitable properties to match your personal lifestyle and financial needs.

We cater to different lifestyle needs by procuring properties in several key European areas. City properties in London or country estates in the Greater London area; sailing, beach, equestrian or golf properties on the French and Portuguese Riviera; or waterfront properties in Stockholm, are some of the great options we source for our clients.

We would be pleased to discuss your individual lifestyle property needs.


We assist companies looking for new offices or installations, funds or non-profit organisations looking to build their property portfolio, state entities looking for embassy residences or real estate developers searching for an interesting development project. We can locate and secure the most appropriate real estate for your needs. Through our carefully selected personal contact network we are often aware of opportunities that have not yet come to market so are able to provide a distinct advantage to our clients.

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